A Big 'THANK YOU' to Duncan Fitchett 
who has provided constant feedback and had faith in John and the dampers. Working together for a WIN WIN for all of us.


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Putting Roadholding into Roadholders

You can now easily upgrade any ROADHOLDER forks with a Lansdowne Engineering Damper Cartridge. 

This race proven upgrade delivers modern damping performance that is also adjustable to the riders style or use. Whether racing , touring or street riding the Lansdowne Engineering Damper Cartridge will make your Norton ride like it never has before.

The Damper Cartridge is the result of 2 years development in Manx Racing and  we have now (2010) shipped 150 plus units to all corners of the globe.

Five new products being tested now and will be shipping in March 2011 so please check back.

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